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Beth Punches

No...dont do it. You were right...i was wrong..and we are all better off going the directions we are currently going. Besides, I know deep down that you really weren't that into me, when it got down to it. i mean, im a trumpet player for a jazz band and you...have your own thing, it just wasnt working out. One of us would have had to change too much. Plus, you know I really did try to enjoy dungeons and dragons but i just never got into it. We should just stay 'friends' and leave it like that. I caught you looking at my webbed toes the last night we tried to catch a movie. I didnt say anything about it because you know how sensitive i am about the whole thing, but you kept staring. I just need to be me and let you be you. It doesnt mean i wont think of you from time to time, and my feelings for you are still very fond. but it just wasnt working out and its time to move on. I will always remember you, dearest heart.


*sigh*Youareright,asalways(whichtendedtoannoyme).Itisforthebest. BecauseInevergot what you likedabout watchingRachelRay.

Beth Punches

:) well, its because she has webbed feet too! it was always a comradely type of attraction. Im going to want my Peruvian llama sweater back. I know you're letting that cat lay all over it. God i always hated that cat. See, theres another reason. Im a dog person, your a cat person....


For the record, it was never about the feet. That's why they invented
socks. Besides, it always gave you the edge in our swimming contests
(you are so competitive!).

Say what you want about Mister Puss, but I only took him in because I
felt bad about the lawn mower incident. May he rest in peace.

I knew it was over when you started wearing clothes made from Beasts of Burden, what with my allergies and all.Honestly, a simple "I'm not into it tonight" would've worked.

Beth Punches

hahahha..i know, and for that im sorry. I was just trying to keep it all alive and hot, you know? I read it in Redbook Magazine. I know it was a bit much when i started having underclothes made of it, but honest injun i thought you liked it? Mister Puss died? Im sorry to hear that, because i know how you felt about him and all. So..you really werent bothered about the feet? Why did you stare at them so much if they didnt bother you? I always thought that maybe you thought i was a freak because of them. Especially when i spread them all out like a fan.Since we've started talking again, how have you been? What all is new? I drive by your place every now and then , and ive thought about stopping by, but i think you still have the restraining order on me still effective....

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