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--very avid DDRer. Been playin' for over a year now. I bought Dance
Factory in very high hopes, but was severly let down. The interface is
awful and you CANT EDIT THE STEPS!!! Why?! If you plan on uping your
game, I reccomend getting a regular DDR. The new SuperNova is kinda
hard, compared to the earlier versions...so i'd stick with an earlier
copy. Mario Mix was my first :P


Thanks for the comment!
I know DF is not liked by true DDR'ers. But for me, I like that I can use my own music, which is usually extended remixes. Aren't most DDR tracks short? I like that I can pop in a remix CD and It gives me a good cardio workout.
But I know it isn't close to a 'real" DDR game. But for my needs, it works.
Off to check out your vox.

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