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Didn't you write this post ages ago? I can't forget a thermos post like this. How did it get today's date?


Yes, this had been posted before - sort of.

Now that Comet is Vox, I am re-working some old posts so that they fit better. That means some re-runs, but also I am turning off the older versions.

Besides, this version has the killer "Thermos Song Remix" and that alone is worth doing it again!

VAS Littlecrow

OH MY GAWD!!! That is so awesome. I need to mention this links to my buds can LJ, and it is definitely going on my del.icio.us file! My husband will shudder as I sing this to him. Thank you! I am so glad I friended ya! :)


LJ=Livejournal? I have a spot there, which is a single post that says essentially "I only have this LJ page so I can leave comments." And links to my "other" blog. Leave your ULR and I'll read ya!

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