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Six books at once isn't too bad. I have 5 times that many just piled on my bed, with several dozen more lying around the bed, and a couple hundred on tables and things near the bed. All of them are connected to some project or another I am working on, while their brothers and sisters, about 2000 of them, sit quietly in the living room, either read or waiting to be dragged into the bedroom.
Look at it this way, life is too short to read everything you want to, so do what feels best at the time. I have found that the best practice is to create a tension between finishing certain books and wandering erratically through many. Either extreme is bad. Force yourself to focus and finish one or two for awhile, then break free and graze for awhile. When you get to feeling like you are making no progress, buckle down again for a sprint to the end of one particular book, then roam freely once more. Rinse and repeat.


I used to read like that and I find I don't enjoy that anymore. I'd rather focus on a single book these days.

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